Subaru Outback Wilderness

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness

      Modifications to come

Ironman 4×4  2″ Lift  Medium Coilovers Front/Spec C Rear

BF Goodrich K02 245/65/17

KMC Trek Wheels

Prinsu Roof Rack

Tembo Tusk Fridge Slide / Fire pit

Chins 200 Amp hours Lithium Battery

Snomaster USA 42S

EZ Flares

Rough Country 40in light bar

CO Lights Ditch lights/ Revere Lights

Govee Lights RGBIC Rack Lights (6 pods) RGBIC Rock Lights (8 pods)

LP Adventure – Rock Sliders/ engine Skid Plate/  CVT Skid plate/ Rear Diff Skid Plate/ Hood Light Brackets

Custom Machined Stand-off’s, 1/4in Aluminum Floor Support
3/4 plywood floor
ARB linx controller,  ARB Twin Air Compressor, Govee RGBIC (6) Rack lights, Govee RGBIC (8) Rock Light, Siless sound deadning mat, Siless Sound Absorbing Foam,Rough Country 40in light bar (front) Co Lights (Ditch/Revere lights), Rich Solar 20Amp Charge Controller
SnoMaster 42
Tembo-Tusk fridge slide  w/ cutting board
Reichardt Guitars Custom Cutting Board
Roam Adventure Co 105L
Prinsu Roof Rack
KMC Trek’s 17in
Chins 200 Amp Hour Lithium battery, 1500 Pure Sine Wave Inverter, KeyLine Dual Battery Charger
Govee RGBIC Rack Lights (6 pods)
Govee RGBIC Rock Lights (8 pods)
Anderson Connectors for USB Power on the dash
Inside the Centori RTT

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