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I want to be the first man to set world record to stand-up paddle board the entire coast of Texas (450mi), solo and unsupported for Patriot PAWS service dogs. They are a non-profit organization that helps give service dogs to Veterans. Patriot PAWS also works within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice( TDCJ) prison system that has female inmates also work with the dogs during their 3 years of training!  100% of everything raised is going to Patriot PAWS

I am carrying 6 days of food, 11 liters of water, tent, solar panels, battery back ups, emergency rescue gear, first aid, clothes, camera equipment


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April 1 2018 I made it 159 miles, 6 miles south of Baffin Bay until a storm blew in and my board was critically damaged. Also during the paddle I sustained cuts to the backs of both of my ankles down to the ACL which at that time were infected. paddle





200lbs of gear. The cooler I am sitting on is how all the gear is tied on the board.
My tent 
6″ gash, 1″wide, 3″deep
Cooler mount/seat ripped out
Cooler mount was ripped out, this is what held all my gear to the board

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