About me

I am a professional photographer and videographer for the past 3 years. My real passion is wildlife photography which I try to do as often as I can. In Winter time I do Snowmobile Photography in Eagle Co from 3rd week of November to April 9th. I have a little break between the seasons and in Summer from May 4th to end of September I do whitewater rafting photography in Idaho Springs Colorado.

I am currently training to become an Alaskan Grizzly bear guide. My job will be to take people out into the wild so they can take photos and observe them. If all works out I hope to be working out there summer for 2024. The typical season runs form June to end of September. While I am in Alaska I am allowed to have visitors come and stay with me for free, so if we are dating we just need to get you a flight to come up.

I am looking for something casual but casually looking for something serious. I don’t really want extra friends or pen pal’s.. but a lot of what we would be.. if that’s friends with benefits or more is dependent on you. The main thing I’m trying to find is a woman who will try to be apart of my life. If I didn’t text you or call you, how long would it be until you said something? She should be strong, independent, confident, but loves to spend time together as often as possible. I really want someone who will go on adventures with me as often as we can. Even if you could not make the full trip if I am going to be away for a while, I’d more than likely be willing to split or pay for you to come and see me for what duration you can come.

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